About our President

   Dr. LessmannDr. Hans Dr. Hans F. Lessmann, Executive Director of VDI, (back center in staff picture below) is a Board Certified Fellow in both Vision and Light therapy by the College of Optometrists in Vision Development  and the College of Syntonic Optometry. He has won numerous awards, including being named Pennsylvania’s Optometrist of the Year in 2003. He enjoys solving complex vision and developmental problems for all ages from infancy to late adulthood. Dr. Lessmann is the father of a daughter with Down syndrome and understands the concerns of children with special needs and their parents


Dr. Mary VanHoy graduated from Indiana University School of Optometry in 1971.  She served two years in the US Army as a military optometrist during the Vietnam era before opening a private full-scope optometric practice with her husband.  After thirty-five years, Dr. VanHoy sold this practice to specialize in a Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation practice called Eyes For Wellness in 2008 in Carmel, Indiana, a northern suburb of Indianapolis.

 Dr. VanHoy finds optometric syntonic phototherapy an invaluable clinical tool for all patients, from the autistic  spectrum disorders, acquired brain injured, to strabismics and amblyopes as well as learning challenged students.  She co-manages vision rehabilitation patients with optometric colleagues throughout Indiana and also collaborates with allied health care practitioners such as occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, psychologists, nutritionists, and physicians.

 During Dr. VanHoy’s term as President of the College of Syntonic Optometry, her goals are the following:

1)      increase membership within our organization through grassroot relationships

2)      enhance and expand educational courses with our newly established “bricks and mortar” facility in Oswego, IL, a suburb of Chicago

3)      supply mentors for practitioners seeking Fellowship certification within the College

4)      establish webinars for practitioners to share clinical knowledge about the use of optometric syntonic phototherapy so that our international community of practitioners will have easy access to information on a timely basis

She hopes to “Grow Our CSO” by exceeding members’ expectations and give them true value for their dues, time, and support of the organization.


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